Is logic a complete and infallible method for approaching the

Answered by Kermit Rose

Logic does not give us new truth, but allows us to see what
we already know in a new light.

No amount of logic will substitute for missing knowledge.
The primary usefulness of logic is to uncover contradictions
and to simplify our theories about the world.

Logical reasoning is always correct. When wrong conclusions
are reached, we say that either the logic was not valid
(ie: not logical ) or that some of the axioms and premises
were false.

Logic is universal. It applies in all possible worlds.

These points will be better illustrated with examples.

I can have as axioms and premises

(1) if it rains, I will get wet
(2) It will rain today

Conclusion: I will get wet today.

If I do not get wet today, then either (1) or (2) must be

(1) could be false by my having a very good umbrella and
raincoat, or by my not going outside into the rain.
(2) could be false by it not raining today.

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