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current/pending projects:
Slooowwwly developing genealogy program in Objective-C with Cocoa (finished first pass of GEDCOM importer, diagramming and analysing GEDCOM 5.5.1, GEDCOM XML 6.0, GENTECH; beginning implementation of GEDCOM CML 6.0 and GEDC; implemented Dijkstra).

see also Recent Readings and 2010 Readings and 2011 Readings and jgo's Reading Room.

On Deck:
(Some of these are on my immediate "to read" stack, while others are simply not yet categorized)
Matt Kibbe 2014 _Don't Hurt People and Don't Take Their Stuff_ (272 pages)
J. Christian Adams 2014 _Crimes Against the Republic: How the Democratic Party's Voter Fraud is Fundamentally Transforming America_
John Fund & Hans von Spakovsky 2012 _Who's Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk_
Walter Isaacson 2014 _The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution_ (560 pages)
David Zweig 2014 _Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion_ (256 pages)
judge James P. Gray 2007 _Wearing the Robe: The Art and Responsibilities of Judging in Today's Coruts, A Guide to the Practices and Principles of a Judge_ (336 pages)
James Delingpole 2013 _The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism: The Left's Plan to Frighten Your Kids, Drive Up Energy Costs, and Hike Your Taxes!_ (256 pages)
Don Watkins 2014 _Rooseveltcare: How Socialist Inecurity is Sabotaging the Land of Self-Reliance_
David Kahane _Rules for Radical Conservatives_
Lorilee Craker 2014 _Money Secrets of the Amish: Finding True Abundance in Simplicity, Sharing, and Saving_
Amy Chua & Jed Rubenfeld 2014 _The Triple Package: How 3 Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America_
Amy Chua, Maurice Berger & Yael Ben-Zion 2014 _InterMarried_
Steve Weisman 2012 _50 Ways to Protect Your Identity in a Digital Age: New Financial Threats_
Cheryl K. Chumley 2014 _Police State USA: How Orwell's Nightmare Is Becoming Our Reality_ (240 pages)
Os Guinness 2012 _A Free People's Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future_ (225 pages; 818KB)
Os Guinness 2013 _The Global Public Square: Religious Freedom and the Making of a World Safe for Diversity_ (241 pages; 732KB)
Os Guinness 1999 _Character Counts: Leadership Qualities in Washington, Wilberforce, Lincoln, and Solzhenitsyn_ (160 pages)
Os Guinness 2003 _The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life_ (304 pages)
Radley Balko 2013 _Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces_ (400 pages)
Radley Balko 2006 _OverKill: The Rise of ParaMilitary Police Raids in America_
Paul Craig Roberts 2014 _How America Was Lost: From 2001-09-11 to the Police/Warfare State_ (465 pages)
lieutenant-general Ion Mihal Pacepa 2013 _DisInformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for UnderMining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism_
Greg Gutfeld 2014 _Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You_ (272 pages)
Steve Deace 2014 _Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again_
Paul Kengor 2014 _11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative_ (175 pages)
John W. Whitehead 2013 _A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State_ (288 pages)
Thomas E. Brewton 2012 _The Leftist Jihad: The Hundred Year War Against the Constitution_
Larry Elder 2013 _Dear Father, Dear Son_
Kris Anne Hall _The Path to Restoring America_
Kris Anne Hall _Essential Stories for Junior Patriots_
Kris Anne Hall _BedTime Stories for Budding Patriots_
Kris Anne Hall _Reclaiming our Constitution: An Introduction to the Historic Foundations of American Liberty_
Josef Joffe _The Myth of America's Decline_
Gary Allen 2013 _None Dare Call It Conspiracy_ (160 pages)
Chris Horner _The Leftist War on Transparency_
Barry Rubin 2014 _Silent Revolution: How the Left Rose to Political Power and Cultural Dominance_ (352 pages)
Gretchen Morgenson 2011 _Reckless Endangerment_ (331 pages; 332.720973)
Dan Bongino 2013 _Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away from It All_
Bruce Fein 2009 _Constitutional Peril: The Life and Death Struggle for Our Constitution and Liberty_
John R. Bolton _Surrender Is Not an Option_ (341.2373)
Timothy Sandefur _The Conscience of the Constitution: The Declaration of Independence and the Right to Liberty_
Glenn Beck 2013 _Control: Exposing the Truth about Guns_
Glenn Beck & Kyle Olson 2014 _Conform: Exposing the Truth about Common Core and Public Edducation_
Charles McIntosh 1903, 2008-01-10 _Past and Present of Piatt county IL: Together with Biographical Sketches of Many Prominent and Influential Citizens_ (pdf 520 pages; 997.367; M18p)
Mike Lee 2011 _The Freedom Agenda_
Emma C. Piatt 1883 _History of Piatt county IL_ (pdf 660 pages; 977.367; P57)
Eliza Phillips Ruden _Fords, Bensons and Orrs and some of their descendants: James G. Ford (1804-1890) and Elizabeth P. Hannah (1807-1855); Benson family of Nancy Benson Ford (1843-1898) wife of John Wallace Ford (1839-1918); the Orr connection_ (pdf 929.273 F75r)
Carey _Organic Chemistry_
sir Andrew Agnew 1864 _The Agnews of Lochnaw: An History of the Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway 1330-1747_ (pdf)
Nick Begich 206 _Controlling the Human Mind: The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance_ (256 pages)
Peter Handyside McKerlie 1906 _History of the Lands and Their Owners in Galloway_ (pdf vol2)
William Henry Egle 1921 _The Descendants of Robert Hoge or Hogg, of Tuscarora Valley, PA, including the Families of Lytle, McCullough, McKee, Sturgeon, Dunbar, Graham, Vance, Robinson, Stitt, Harnish, Potts, McBride_ (pdf)
George Chalmers 1845 _Introduction to the History of the Revolt of the American Colonies_ (pdf vol2)
John Richard Green 1892-1894, 1896, 1899 _A Short History of the English People_ (pdf vol3)
Halvor Moorshead _The Arthur Hoag Research Project_ (pdf part2)
Daniel J. Kenny 1875 _Illustrated Cincinnati_ (pdf)
Dan Martin & Barbara Seiden 2011 _Apocalypse: How to Survive a Global Crisis_
2003-09-10 _Ancestors of Christopher Giles Hudson_ (pdf)
Milton W. Mathews & Lewis A. McLean 1886 _Early History and Pioneers of Champaign County_ (pdf)
_Plonk Family Cemetery Visitor's Guide_ (pdf)
1947 _Half Century Club of Urbana Illinois_ (pdf)
L. David Marquet 2013 _Turn the Ship Around: A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders_ (272 pages)
Martin Mawyer 2012 _Twilight in America: The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Inside America_
John Guandolo _Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America_
Ben Cohen 2014 _Some of My Best Friends: A Journey Through 21st Century AntiSemitism_

David Archibald _The Twilight of Abundance: Why Life in the 21st Century Will Be Nasty, Brutish, and Short_
Sidney Powell 2014 _Licensed to Lie_
Ezekiel J. Emanuel _Perverting American Health Care: How the Affordable Care Act Will [Make our Health-Care] Terribly Complex, Blatantly Unjust, Outrageously Expensive, Grossly Inefficient, Error Prone_
Grace-Marie Turner, James C. Capretta, Thomas P. Miller & Robert E. Moffit _Why ObummerDoesn'tCare is Wrong for America: How the New Health Care Law Drives Up Costs, Puts Government in Charge of Your Decisions, and Violates Your Constitutional Rights_
John Fund & Hans von Spakovsky 2014 _Obummer's Enforcer: Eric Holder's Injustice Department_
Billy Vaughn _Betrayed: The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17_
J. Christian Adams 2011 _Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obummer Injustice Department_
Aaron Klein & 2014 _Impeachable Offenses_
Andrew C. McCarthy 2014 _Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obummer's Impeachment_
Ben Shapiro 2014 _The People Vs. Barack Obummer: The Criminal Case Against the Obummer Regime_
Katie Pavlich _Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up_
John R. Lott ii 2013 _At the Brink: Will Obummer Push Us Over the Edge?_
Frank Camp _Last Resistance_
Daxton Brown 2010 _Harry: Money, Mob & Influence in Harry Reid's Nevada_
Stanley Kurtz 2010 _Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obummer and the UnTold Story of American Socialism_ (485 pages)
Fred Siegel 2014 _The Revolt Against the Masses: How Leftism Has Undermined the Middle Class_ (240 pages)
Stanley Kurtz 2012 _Spreading the Wealth: How Obummer Is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities_
Sally Pipes _The Cure for ObummerDoesn'tCare_
Wayne Allyn Root 2013 _The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: Secrets to Protecting Your Family, Your Finances, and Your Freedom_
Olympia Snowe 2013 _Fighting for Communist Ground_
Barbara Bluefield 2012 _Judge Me By The People Who Surround Me: The Obama Challenge_
Bob Greene/Frank Marshall Davis _Sex Rebel: Black Memoirs of a Gash Gourmet_
Derrick Bell _Afrolantica Legacies_
David Horowitz & Jacob Laksin 2012 _The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America's Future_
Betsy McCaughey 2012 _Decoding the Obummer Health Care Perversion Law: What You Need To Know_
senator Mike Lee 2013 _Why John Roberts Was Wrong about HealthCare_
Chuck de Vore 2013 _The Texas Model: Prosperity in the Lone Star State and Lessons for America_
Joseph Klein _Global Deception: The UN's Stealth Assault on America's Freedom_
Rosa Koire & Barry N. Nathan 2011 _Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21_
Christopher C. Horner 2012 _The Leftist War on Transparency: Confessions of a Freedom of Information "Criminal"_
Charles R. Kesler 2012 _I Am the Change: Barack Obama and the Crisis of Leftism_
Grover G. Norquist & John R. Lott ii _Debacle: Obummer's War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do to Fix It_
Matt Kibbe 2012 _Hostile TakeOver: Resisting Corrupt Centralized Government's StrangleHold on America_ (416 pages)
Sidney Powell _Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption at the Department of Justice_
David Horowitz 2013 _Fight Fire with Fire_ (28 pages; 1,086MB)
David Horowitz & Jacob Laksin 2012 _The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money-Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America's Future_ (320 pages)
Marybeth Hicks 2011 _Don't Let the Kids Drink the Kool-Aid: Confronting the Left's Assault on Our Families, Faith, and Freedom_
Stephen Moore 2012 _Who's The Fairest of Them All?_
Benjamin A. Kleinerman 2009 _The Discretionary President_
Nick J. Tate 2013 _ObummerDoesn'tCare Survival Guide_
Matthew Vadum _Subversion Inc.: How ACORN's Red Shirts Are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Tax-Victims_
David Harsanyi _Obummer's 4 HorseMen_
Betsy McCaughey _Beating ObummerDoesn'tCare_
Charles R. Kesler _I am the Change: Obummer and the Crisis of Leftism_
David Maraniss _Barack Obummer: The Story_
Jerry Robinson 2012 _Bankruptcy of Our Nation_
Belen Fernandez 2011 _The Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman at Work_
Evan Sayet 2012 _The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Leftist Thinks_
Bruce Bawer 2012 _The Victims' Revolution: The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Leftist Mind_
Ben Shapiro _Bullies: How the Left's Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America_
Ben Shapiro _The People vs. Barack Obummer: The Criminal Case Against the Obummer Regime_
G. Gordon Liddy 1979 _Out of Control_
Jonathan Kay _Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America's Growing Conspiracist UnderGround_
Jon Elster & Rune Slagstad 1988 _Constitutionalism and Democracy_
Geoffrey Pridham 1995 _Transitions to Democracy: Comparative Perspectives from Southern Europe, Latin America and Eastern Europe_
James Traub 2008 _The Freedom Agenda: Why America Must Spread Democracy (just not the way George Bush did)_
Thomas W. Pauken 2010 _Bringing America Home_
Eric Golub _Ideological Bigotry_
Eric Golub _Ideological Violence_
Eric Golub _Ideological Idiocy_
Gregory Sams 2014 _The State Is Out of Date: We Can Do It Better_ (288 pages)
Michael Muhammad Knight 2011 _Why I Am a Five Percenter_ (304 pages)
James Buckley _Saving Congress from Itself: Emancipating the States and Empowering Their People_
Ithiel de Sola Pool 1983 _Technologies of Freedom_
Stephan Thernstrom & Abigail Thernstrom 1997 _America in Black and White: One Nation, Indivisible_
Christopher Booker _The Real Global Warming Disaster_
Roger Pielke ii 2014 _The Rightful Place of Science: Disasters and Climate Change_
Brian Sussman 2010 _Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam_
Brian Sussman 2012 _Eco-Tyranny: How the Left's "Green" Agenda Will Dismantle America_
Donna Laframboise 2011 _The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World's Top Climate Expert_
Donna Laframboise 2013 _Into the DustBin: Rajendra Pachauri, the Climate Report & the Nobel Peace Prize_
Bernard Goldberg 2008 _Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right: How One Side Lost Its Mind and the Other Lost Its Nerve_
Russell K. Nieli _Wounds That Will Not Heal_
Nicholas Eberstadt 2012 _A Nation of Takers: America's Entitlement Epidemic_ (134 pages; 336.39)
Monica Crowley 2012 _What the (Bleep) Just Happened?: The Happy Warrior's Guide to the Great American ComeBack_
Steven Johnson 2002 _Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software_
Mallory Factor & Elizabeth Factor 2012 _ShadowBosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Tax-Victims Blind_
Bruce K. Siddle 1995 _Sharpening the Warrior's Edge: The Psychology & Science of Training_
A.F. Riechers _Full Length Rafter Framer_
Marshall Gross _Roof Framing_
Cyril Elgood 1951 _Medical History of Persia and the Eastern Califate_
Ralph H. Major 1941 _Fatal Partners: War and Disease_
Fred Siegel _The Revolt against the Masses: How Leftism Has UnderMined the Middle Class_
Mark Bauerlein _The Dumbest Generation_
Joshua Hendrick 2013 _G├╝len: The Ambiguous Politics of Market Islam in Turkey and the World_
Matthew Brzezinski 2004 _Fortress America: On the FrontLines of HomeLand Security: An Inside Look at the Coming Surveillance State_
Arthur Herman _Freedom's Forge_
Charles Perrow 1984 _Normal Accidents: Living with High-Risk Technologies_
Brad Meltzer 2012 _Heroes for My Daughter_
Brad Meltzer 2013 _Heroes for My Son_
Aaron Wildavsky 1988 _Searching for Safety_
Ulrich Beck 1992 _Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity_
Rob Olive 2012 _Essential Liberty_
Paul Kersey _The Tragic City_
Paul Kersey _Escape from Detroit_
Howard P. Segal 1994 _Future Imperfect_
Albert O. Hirschman 1991 _The Rhetoric of Reaction: Perversity, Futility, Jeopardy_
Robert H. Frank 1985 _Choosing the Right Pond: Human Behavior and the Quest for Status_
Arthur J. Barsky 1988 _Worried Sick: Our Troubled Quest for Wellness_
John McPhee 1989 _The Control of Nature_
Allen Guttmann 1978 _From Ritual to Record: The Nature of Modern Sports_
John Marshall Carter & Arnd Krueger 1990 _Ritual to Record: Sports Records and Quantification in Pre-modern Societies_
E.A. Bryant 1992 _Natural Hazards_
Roy Porter & Dorothy Porter 1988 _In Sickness and in Health: The British Experience_
Edward L. Shorter 1985 _BedSide Manners: The Troubled History of Doctors and Patients_
John O'Shea 1991 _Was Mozart Poisoned?: Medical Investigations into the Lives of the Great Composers_
Stanley Joel Reiser 1981 _Medicine and the Reign of Technology_
Morris J. Vogel & Charles E. Rosenberg 1979 _The Therapeutic Revolution: Essays in the Social History of American Medicine_
James Harvey Young 1961 _The Toadstool Millionaires_
James Harvey Young 1967 _The Medical Messiahs_
Richard A. Gabriel & Karen S. Metz 1992 _An History of Military Medicine_
Charles E. Rosenberg 1987 _The Care of Strangers: The Rise of America's Hospital System_
Rene Dubos 1959 _Mirage of Health: Utopias, Progress, and Biological Change_
Andrew Wear 1993 _Medicine in Society: Historical Essays_
Anselm L. Strauss et al. 1984 _Chronic Illness and the Quality of Life_
Daniel M. Fox 1993 _Power and Illness: The Failure and Future of American Health Policy_
Stephen M. Sonnenberg, Arthur S. Blank ii & John A. Talbott 1985 _The Trauma of War: Stress and Recovery in Viet Nam Veterans_
James C. Riley 1989 _Sickness, Recovery and Death: An History and Foreast of Ill Health_
Lynn Payer 1988 _Medicine and Culture: Varieties of Treatment in the United States, England, West Germany, and France_
Ian Burton, Robert W. Kates & Gilbert F. White 1993 _The Environment as Hazard_
Anders Wijkman & Lloyd Timberlake 1984 _Natural Disasters: Acts of God or Acts of Man?
Todd Starnes 2014 _God Less America: Real Stories from the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional [American] Values_ (256 pages; 1.432MB)
Kevin D. Williamson 2012 _The Dependency Agenda_ (38 pages)
Stephen Jay Gould 1987 _An Urchin in the Storm_
Stephen Jay Gould 1985 _The Flamingo's Smile: Reflections on Natural History_
Leo Torrey 1985 _Stretching the Limits_
George Laycock _The Alien Animals_
R.J. Putman 1989 _Mammals as Pests_
Kenneth Mellanby 1992 _The DDT Story_
L.P. Brockett 1876 _The Silk Industry in America_
Edward H. Forbush & Charles H. Fernald 1896 _The Gypsy Moth_
Harold A. Mooney & James A. Drake 1986 _Ecology of Biological Invasions of North America and Hawaii_
Michael Eidenmuller 2008 _Great Speeches for Better Speaking: Listen and Learn from History's Most Memorable Speeches_
James C. Humes 2002 _Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln: 21 Powerful Secrets of the World's Greatest Speakers_ (224 pages)
Richard Dowis 1999 _The Lost Art of the Great Speech: How to write One -- How to Deliver It_ (288 pages)
Peter Thiel & Blake Masters 2014 _Zero to One: Notes on StartUps, or How to Build the Future_ (224 pages)
Maryann Cusimano 2002 _Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda_
Mark Monmonier 1991 _How to Lie with Maps_
Derek Howse 1980 _Greenwich Time and the Discovery of Longitude_
Deepak Lal 2004 _In Praise of Empires: Globalization and Order_
Paul Sears _Deserts on the March_
Fred Siegel 1997 _The Future Once Happened Here_
Vaclav Havel _Summer Meditations_
Matthew B. Crawford 2009 _Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into The Value Of Work_
Wayne Allyn Root 1997 _The Joy of Failure: How to Fail Your Way to the Top_
Wayne Allyn Root _Murder of the Middle Class_
Vicky Oliver _The Millionaire's HandBook_
Stephen P. Halbrook _Gun Control in the Third Reich: DisArming Jews and Enemies of the State_
Kelly McGonigal _The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It_
Ilya Somin _Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter_
Milton Wolf 2011 _Do No Harm: The President's Cousin Explains Why His Hippocratic Oath Requires Him to Oppose ObummerDoesn'tCare_
James Mann 2007 _The China Fantasy_
Ali Farazmand 1997 _Modern Systems of Government: Exploring the Role of Bureaucrats and Politicians_
Michael Barone _Our Country_
Randy Jurgenson & Robert Cea 2007 _Circle of 6_
Vincent Cannato 2002 _The UnGovernable City_
C. Clark Kissinger _Discover the Networks: A Guide to the Political Left_
John H. McWhorter 2001 _Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America_
John H. McWhorter 2006 _Winning the Race: Beyond the Crisis in Black America_
John H. McWhorter 2004 _Authentically Black: Essays for the Black Silent Majority_
Dennis Prager & Joseph Telushkin _Why the Jews?: The Reason for AntiSemitism_
Harry Stein _Why We Won't Talk Honestly About Race_
Shelby Steele _White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era_
Jason L. Riley _Please Stop Helping Us: How Leftists Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed_
George V. Higgins _The Friends of Eddie Coyle_
Walter K. Olson 1997 _The Excuse Factory_
Andrew Ferguson 1996 _Fools' Names, Fools' Faces_
Jared Taylor 1992 _Paved with Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America_
Manning Marable _Malcolm X: A Life of ReInvention_
Mary Antin 1912 _The Promised Land_
Larry Elder 2013 _Dear Father, Dear Son_
Clement of Alexandria
Alan Greenspan 2008 _The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World_
Pinchas Winston _The Equation of Life: Making Your Life and History Add Up_
Pierre Bourdieu _Outline of a Theory of Practice_
Donald Goodwin 1988 _Alcohol & the Writer_
Jonah Berger 2013 _Contagious: Why Things Catch On_ (244 pages; 658.8342)
Steven W. Mosher 2000 _Hegemon: China's Plan to dominate Asia and the world_ (193 pages; 327.51)
Peter Schweizer _Do As I Say Not As I Do: Profiles in Leftist Hypocrisy_ (320.51)
Peter Schweizer & Rochelle Schweizer _Disney: The Mouse Betrayed_ (384.8)
Peter Schweizer _Friendly Spies: How America's Allies Are Using Economic Espionage to Steal Our Secrets_
Peter Schweizer _Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and LIne Their Own Pockets_
Nicholas Johnson _Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms_
Arthur C. Brooks 2006 _Who Really Cares?_
Ralph Keyes 2004 _The Post-Truth Era: Dishonesty and Deception in Contemporary Life_
F.G. Bailey 1991 _The Prevalence of Deceit_
Peter Wood 2006 _A Bee in the Mouth: Anger in America Now_
Josh Kaufman 2013 _The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything Fast_
Stephen L. Carter 1996 _Integrity_
Reynolds Farley & Walter R. Alen 1987 _The Color Line and the Quality of Life in America_
Ben Carson 2011 _Gifted Hands_
Ben Carson & Candy Carson 2013 _America the Beautiful: ReDiscovering What Made This Nation Great_
Ben Carson & Gregg Lewis 2007 _Take the Risk: Learning to Identify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk_
Margie Warrell 2013 _Stop Playing Safe: ReThink Risk. UnLock the Power of Courage. Achieve Outstanding Success_
Alex Jones & Susan Tifft _The Trust: The Private and Powerful Family Behind the New York Times_
William McGowan _Gray Lady Down_
John Higham 1955 _Strangers in the Land_
Bill Bishop 2009 _The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America Is Tearing Us Apart_ (384 pages)
Michael D. Gordin 2012 _The Pseudo-Science Wars_
Steve Hewitt 2010 _Snitch!: A History of the Modern Intelligence Informer_
Michael T. Petro 2012 _Welcome To Soviet America_
Thomas Medvetz 2012 _Think Tanks in America_
Lee Lowenfish 2007, 2009 _Branch Rickey: Baseball's Ferocious Gentleman_
Arnold Rampersad 1977 _Jackie Robinson: A Biography_
Jonathan Eig 2008 _Opening Day: The Story of Jackie Robinson's First Season_
Jackie Robinson, Alfred Duckett 2003 _I Never Had It Made_
David Rubin 2010 _The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama_
Malala Yousafzai _I Am Malala_
Caroline B. Glick 2014 _The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East_
Charles J. Sykes 2012 _A Nation of Moochers: America's Addiction to Getting Something for Nothing_
E. B. Sledge _With the Old Breed_
Mark Blaxill & Ralph Eckardt 2009 _The Invisible Edge: Taking Your Strategy to the Next Level Using Intellectual Property_
Paul Orfalea 2007 _Copy This!: Lessons from a HyperActive Dyslexic Who Turned a Bright Idea into One of America's Best Companies_ (Kinko's)
Vali Nasr 2013 _The Dispensable Nation: American Foreign Policy in Retreat_
Marc Ambinder & D.B. Grady 2013 _Deep State: Inside the Government Secrecy Industry_
Raymond Aron 2007 _The Opium of the Intellectuals_
Charlotte A. Twight 2002 _Dependent on DC: The Rise of Federal Control Over the Lives of Ordinary Americans_
Chuck Heath & Chuck Heath ii _Our Sarah: Made in Alaska_
R.V. Jones 2009 _Most Secret War_
John Loftus & Mark Aarons 1997 _The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People_
Jonathan Haidt 2013 _The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion_
Scott Atlas _In Excellent Health_
Susan Cai 2012 _Quiet: The Power of IntroVerts in a World that Can't Stop Talking_
Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield & Ron McMillan 2007 _Influencer: The Power to Change Anything_
Eric Kandel 2012 _The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain, from Vienna 1900 to the Present_
Rebecca Costa 2010 _The WatchMan's Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of Extinction_
Amy Brann 2013 _Make Your Brain Work: How to Maximize Your Efficiency, Productivity and Effectiveness_
Tojo Thatchenkery & Carol Metzker 2006 _Appreciative Intelligence_
Otis E. Young ii & Robert Lenon 1977 _Western Mining_
Gideon Freudenthal & Peter McLaughlin 2009 _The Social and Economic Roots of the Scientific Revolutionn_
Douglas Wissing 2012 _Funding the Enemy: How Us Tax-Victims BankRoll the Taliban_
Robert H. Nelson 2010 _The New Holy Wars: Economic Religion vs. Environmental Religion in Contemporary America_
Jerry Doyle 2010 _Have You Seen My Country Lately?: America's Wake-Up Call_
Nick Gillespie 2011 _The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong with America_
Gene Griessman 1998 _The Words Lincoln Lived By: 52 Timeless Principles to Lignt Your Path_
Bob Lutz 2013 _Icons and Idiots: Straight Talk on Leadership_
James O'Keefe 2013 _BreakThrough: Our Guerilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy_
Brad Meltzer 2012 _Heroes for My Son_
Brad Meltzer 2013 _Heroes for My Daughter_
Terry Jones 2012 _On Innovation_
Scott Berkun 2010 _The Myths of Innovation_
Larry Keeley, Helen Walters, Ryan Pikkel & Brian Quinn 2013 _10 Types of Innovation_
Chuck Norris _Black Belt Patriotism_
Wayne Allyn Root 2010 _The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold and Tax Cuts_
Wayne Allyn Root 1997 _The Joy of Failure: How to Fail Your Way to the Top_
Wayne Allyn Root 2005 _Millionaire Republican: Why Rich Republicans Get Rich and How You Can Too!_
Bruce H. Westley 1953 _News Editing_
William Stephenson 1967 _The Play Theory of Communication_
Robert G. Kaiser 2013 _Act of Congress: How America's Non-Essential Institution Works, and How It Doesn't_
Lewis Jordan 1960 _News: How It Is Written and Edited_
Robert O'Harrow ii 2005 _No Place to Hide: Behind the Scenes of Our Emerging Surveillance Society_
David Brin 1999 _The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Privacy and Freedom?_ (384 pages)
John Ruggie 1998 _Constructing the World Polity: Essays on InterNational Institutionalization_
Peter Schwartz 2004 _Inevitable Surprises: Thinking Ahead in a Time of Turbulence_
David Limbaugh 2010 _Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Hussein Obummer_ (512 pages)
David Limbaugh 2012 _The Great Destroyer: Barack Obummer's War on the Republic_ (400 pages)
David Limbaugh 2004 _Persecution: How Leftists Are Waging War Against Christianity_ (464 pages)
David Limbaugh 2007 _Bankrupt: The Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy of Today's Democrat Party_ (436 pages)
David Limbaugh 2002 _Absolute Power: The Legacy of Corruption in the Clinton-Reno Justice Department_ (385 pages)
Foster Gamble & Kimberly Carter 2012 _Thrive: The World Is Waking Up, What on Earth Will It Take_ (DVD)
Jason Mattera _Hollywood Hypocrites_
Josh Kaufman _The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything... Fast_
Joshua Schimel 2011 _Writing Science: How to Write Papers That Get Cited and Proposals That Get Funded_
Enos M. Mutwale, Anthony L. Roberts & Alice Roberts 2013 _The Elegance of Curiosity: Incredible Wonders of Curiosity_
David Burkus 2013 _The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Companies and People Generate Great Ideas_
Jim Collins & Jerry I. Porras 1994 _Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies_
Julie Golob 2012 _SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition_
James V. Lacy 2014 _Taxifornia: Leftists' Laboratory to Bankrupt America_
Milton Friedman 1993 _Why Government Is the Problem_ (18 pages)
Hugh Hewitt 2013 _The Happiest Life: 7 Gifts, 7 Givers & the Secret to Genuine Success_ (208 pages)
Kurt Schlichter 2014 _Conservative Insurgency: The Struggle to Take America Back 2013-2041_
Ramesh Ponnuru _The Party of Death_
Guy Winch _The Squeaky Wheel: Complaining the Right Way to Get Results, Improve Your Relationships, and Enhance Self-Esteem_
Richard MacGregor 2012 _The Party: The Secret of China's Communist Rulers_
Joshua Kurlantzick 2013 _"Democracy" in Retreat: The Revolt of the Middle Class and the WorldWide Decline of "Representative" Government_
Travis H. Brown 2013 _How Money Walks: How $2T Moved Among the States, and Why It Matters_
Dan Wos 2013 _Defining Success in America: An Exploration of Success, and Why It Is So Easy for Some to Achieve_ (288 pages)
Edmund Morris _This Living Hand_
Rick Doble _Cheaper: Insiders' Tips for Saving on Everything_
Herb Cohen _You Can Negotiate Anything_
C. Edmund Wright _How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost... Again_ (344 pages)

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