"This is Code Enforcement.  You have offensive 
accumulations and growths in your yard."

"Huh!  What do you mean?"

"City Ordinance requires you to control growth 
of grass, weeds and underbrush on your property."

"Really! Why?"

"We are the law.  You must obey us.  It doesn't 
matter why.  It's the law."

"I don't know what to do.  Why don't you have
someone come out and show me what to do."

"We don't do that."

"Look.  I'm a nice guy.  I give the city permission
to landscape my yard any way it wants."

"We don't do that.  You have ten days to comply. 
Otherwise you will be issued an official Notice
of Violation, which will result in fines 
being imposed against you and your property."