FAMU-FSU school of enginging

Scientific American     alternate link

  computing center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (one of many)

NASA Langley Research Center     from computers to leaders

NASA Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (spin-off from NASA Langley Research Center)

NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland (spin-off from NASA Langley Research Center)     Neil A. Armstrong test facility

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville

NASA Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral     Kennedy Space

  K12CyberPedia - Science
  NSF: National Science Foundation (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)

About Rainbows

Glasses Crafter: More about Rainbows

Earthspace assisted living

U of ArRizona: Nine Planets is an excellent introduction to the solar system (covering much more than just the nine major planets).

1997 April 23: Vincent Sawka's personal article about vitamin e & protection against free radicals

Health Finder

PubMed : National Institutes of Health: National Center for BioTechnology Information
2004: PubMed : National Institutes of Health: National Center for BioTechnology Information: Andrew S. Kanter, Jose Maldonado, Anuj Varshney & Frank Naeymi-Rad: _Studies in Health Technology & Informatics_ vol107 part2 pp1138-1141: "a mediated health search portal for trusted medical content"

eHealthMedicare: Medicare Plans by State

Healthline: Medicare Plans by State Improve Health. Learn How.

Recovery National Addiction Rehab Locator


PrecisionHawk: Earth satellite images