Definition and derivation of quadratic formula for solving quadratic equations.

Review notes and practice tests for MAS4303 - Abstract Algebra

A discussion of numerical methods of equation solving to give the definiton of aitken acceleration

The Pascal Triangle up to n=20

The fortran program that generates the Pascal Triangle

The algebraic solution of quadratic, cubic, and quartic equations

A discussion of how to find likely factors of the fermat primes which are of the form 2^(2^n)+1.

The proof that if cos(a) + cos(b) + cos(c) = 0 and sin(a) + sin(b) + sin(c) = 0, then also cos(2a) + cos(2b) + cos(2c) = 0 and that sin(2a) + sin(2b) + sin(2c) = 0.